User Manual

For better performance and correct display of Georgian scripts, use Microsoft Edge (Windows 10) or Chrome. The WCO offers two possibilities to see and download resources: the Browse and the Catalogue. Choose one of the possibilities, hide menubar and resize the window by pressing Show/Hide Menubar button (three horizontal lines in the left upper corner).

The Browse: Search

The Browse has two options: to search the text(s) and to see the text(s). To use the search option, type a word you are looking for and the system will return results to choose from. Choose, the right one or finish typing a word and press 'Enter'. The system will return a concordance of all instances (Key Word in Context, KWIC) available in the collection indicating their quantity per genres (if a search is not narrowed by special filters). By pressing a word from KWIC, you will be directed to the page of instance.

In case of need you can narrow your search by choosing Genre, Language, Index of persons, Index of places and Dates.

The Browse: See

To use the see option, select the text you are looking for and click the title button. By default, you can see description of the text and the original text. By clicking add button you can add translation, facsimile and notes. If these additions are empty, it means that the source files do not have information associated with them.

You can download the source files in FO source, TeX source and ePub formats.

The Catalogue

From the Catalogue, you can be easily redirected to the see mode of the text. Also, you can download texts of manuscripts in a variety of formats: pdf of the digital text, xml file of the text, pdf of the xml text.